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posted August 6, 2010

My name's Jonathan. I'm usually up to software engineering, but I'm also a spare-time student of mathematics. On this blog I'll be talking about topics in mathematics specifically related to my studies and interests, in addition to general topics.

Things you'll see on this blog may include:

I'm especially interested in thinking about the process of learning mathematics, including communication about mathematical ideas. I'm going to say this again later, but mathematics is not easy; it takes arduous study, immense concentration, and a lot of wasted paper. Don't let all of those fancy symbols confuse you: mathematics is about concepts.

This blog is powered by software I wrote, in addition to many fine software packages. I wrote my own because, for the most part, the existing programs do a very poor job of LaTeX presentation and don't fit my preferences. If you're interested in running a blog like this, feel free to get the source code with darcs. You'll also need Haskell, TeX Live, and gladTeX.

My goals in writing this material are: